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Free Browsing to All Networks (Smart Bro | Globe Tattoo | Globe Visibility)

PRESENTING TOOLNET.NET FREE BROWSING TO ALL NETWORKS USING CELLPHONE AS A MODEM AND GLOBE TATOO AND SMART BRO NO REGISTRATION NEEDED. is an experiment in a technique for conserving network bandwidth. If you are paying a fee based on the amount of data you transfer (e.g. 3G/GPRS/DSL/CDMA) and have monthly download limit, or if you have narrowband connection (e.g. dialup modem) then you are most likely to appreciate the service offers. There are number of client application packages. All solutions are 100% Java based and therefore this service can be used on any platform with an installed Java Runtime Environment, including mobile,


1. No registration needed
2. Free Forever

Set HTTP Proxy to: port 8080

edit:typo error. Hehe.
For Thunderbird/Outlook Express/Microsoft Outlook/:

SMTP: port 25
POP: port 110
IMAP: port 143

Opera 10 Beta 2 Proxy Screenshot:

As screenshot here using Opera 10 Beta 2:


1. Nokia PC Suite or Bluesoleil w/Bluetooth Dongle
2. Java Runtime Environment to Run toolnet software in your pc.
3. CP as a Modem via PC Suite or via Bluetooth, Globe Tatoo or Smart Broadband

Download Java Runtime Here:

Download here:

Old Versiontry this pag ayaw kumonek)

Toolnet Screenshot and How to do:

Status Tab:

Pag walang In Compressed at In Uncompressed di nagkokonek ang toonel nio

Mapping Tab:

ok dyan tayo magdedesignate ng mga ip na ilalagay natin sa pagagamitan ng toonel pero sa tingin ko wag na dapat galawin.

Para saan ung web interface port bale ganito un type nio lang sa address bar nio:


Web Tab:

web tab to set toonel to a parent proxy leave it blank no ip no port.

use the following access point in nokia pc suite in connecting:

SMART: internet
SUN: minternet
RED: redinternet

anjan din po ung compression technologies ng toonel ung GIF Quality at JPEG Quality kung gaano nia icocompress ung image for faster web browsing but reducing image quality parang cproxy na may compress images.

About Tab:

About the program hehe..

I'm done

Give back credits to me if you post these on other forums.

Another discovery by me

P.S. Mahirap itong makakonnect di gaya ng cproxy.

P.S. If you want to connect applications that does'nt have proxy settings like camfrog you may go to proxycap's thread by gothicmind all you have to do is set HTTP proxy to or something else below Proxifier Tools:

Proxifier Tools to support applications na walang proxy at port sa settings like camfrog at online games pwera me gameguard


Proxycap Thread by gothicmind



Basta lahat ng yan ang gagawin nio lang naman ay

HTTP: port 8080

mamili lang kayo ng isang proxifier apps to avoid conflicts

Proofs that toonel is working: Credits and Thanks to them

screenshot of gothicmind using toonel in mozilla firefox and yahoo messenger configured with proxycap

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768.

screenshot of Kagen17 using toonel in mozilla firefox:

as i edit this thread of july 29, 2009 in it's working as cp as modem in my nokia 5310 XM with EDGE Connection via Globe using access point name. No Port and No Ip on Toonel Parent Proxy.

Credits goes to:

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Free Uzzap on SUN - (Not Smart or Globe) Tut

Lam natin lahat na product ng smart ang uzzap (-_-)

Pero imbes na magglobe, sun ang gamit q n0w..malupet dn ang fbt nila, bsta activated ang GPRS, khit zero balance ang load, ung om 4.2 at 3.12 q nagana using socket connecti0n,mbilis dn ang loading ng pages..i kn0w marami ng topic about Sun Fbt kc free naman tlga bsta ung Sun Internet ang gagamitin (apn: minternet no ip no port) pero sana helpful pa rin tong post q.

dun sa mga ngtan0ng kung pan0 ang free uzzap sa sun, kung symbian ang ph0ne m0 (.sis file ung uzzap na ininstall nyo) at may xplore ka, here's the trick,

in xplore, go to
C or E (depende kung san nkainstall ang Uzzap) /System/Apps/Uzzap
then look for the file kalypte-user.ini tapos iedit nyo un. Ung text thread dun na
palitan ny0 gawin m0ng
kolipri.apn=Sun INTERNET
then save and out.
(note: type nyo ung Sun INTERNET just as how it was written on ur access point list, go to Tools/Settings/Connections/Access Points sa mga nokia symbian ph0nes para makita kung pan0 pgkakasulat ng Sun Internet, importante kc na kagaya kung alin ang caps at small letters.)

for s60v3 ph0nes, ganun din ang procedure kaso ung file na kalypte-user.ini ay nasa C or E/Private/2000828a and i think probably kelangan hack3d ung f0ne para maedit mu un...

sa ibang forum nbasa q n ung mga lumang sun sim lang daw ang may Fbt,pero ung sim q bg0ng bili, ok naman. Nabasa q dn n lumang versi0n ng uzzap ang pwd sa sun pero gamit q n0w ung uzzap_1.0.15_SERIES60V3.sis at luckily gumana naman xa. Take n0te zero balance ang Sun q at nkkpguzzap aq unlike sa smart n kelangan p at least 1peso para mkpgchat.

Tested ang procedure qng ito sa N93, N70 at N6260 wala aq ibang brand ng ph0ne eh,hehe, pakitry nyo n lang sa ibang symbian ph0nes.

sadly sa mga java ph0nes d q p ntry magm0d ng jar installer ng uzzap eh. Nxtym try q kalikutin at mgm0d ng jar installer...

- acer80

Uzzap v1.0.15 (Full / Lite) - New Icons

Whats New NEW:
Mute: you can mute flooders in chat rooms
Themes: dolphins, hearts, roses, uzzap

Customized by litemint: Default icon (see Screenshots), optimized icons for lower image size

[+] Descriptions
- Filetype: Jar
- Filesize: FULL VERSION: 468kb (Original file: 503kb)
LITE VERSION: 265kb (Original file: 258kb)

[+] Download Links
FULL VERSION - Dropbox, Hotlinkfiles
LITE VERSION - Hotlinkfiles

Click here on how to download using your built in phone browser

Here's the link for smart uzzap, included the original files, sis and jar(full & lite)

Credits to Ohashi for the new features.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Opera Mini v4.2.14912 Advanced - SMART only!

Opera Software ASA Opera Mini v4.2.14912 Advanced ENG J2ME

Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your mobile phone. Stay in touch with your friends on Facebook, search with Google, get your e-mail on the go, do your online banking. There are no limits - Opera Mini is the quick, easy and secure way to get any Web page you want.

What's New in This Release:

· Personalize Opera Mini by choosing a new colorful skin.


· We are working to make video content available on more phones through Opera Mini. If you have a new Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone, the chance is high that you can take Opera Mini for a spin on

· Opera Mini 4.2 can use the newly established server park in the US. This means significantly faster page page downloads for users in the Americas and Asia-Pacific region.

Sync your Notes:
· Opera Link support for notes, allowing users to sync their notes between the PC and Opera Mini.


[+] Description
- Filetype: JAR
- Size: 145kb
- ScreenSize: 176x220 and 240x320
- Splash Screen: Mac OS X from
- Network: Smart with proxy

Yet another new build of OM4.2, this mod release is for SMART users only.

[+]Download link
- 176x206, 176x220, 240x320

[+]Phone Settings
- proxy:
- port: 80

Some Credits to sucram for the OM and its description, and exhibitz and trilobugz for the skinning tut and blameless for the server

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Manood ng TV sa sa CP mo (3G and Non 3G)

Mga kailangan:

1.CP with 3G (N70 phone q.. )
2.Globe SIM Card (Starter Prepaid)Kailangan wlang load..Alam nyo na para di kainin.
NOTE: kung wala kayo globe sim proceed na kau sa roktv, mkikita sa pinkakababa.

Mga dapat gawin:

Gumawa ng bagong Connection..Pumunta ka ng SettingsConnectionAccess pointOptionsNew access pointUse default settings.

E2 ung 4mat dapat sa loob:

Connection name: myGlobe Stream
Data bearer: Packet data
Access point name:
User name: None
Password: ****
Authentication: Normal
Homepage: None

Tapoz punta kau ng Advanced settings..E2 ung 4mat:

Network type: IPv4
Phone IP address: Automatic
Name servers: Automatic
Proxy serv. address: None
Proxy port number: 0

New window
Click to expand / contract

Ayan ok na ung bagong Connection..Sunod punta nman kau sa RealPlayerOptionsSettingsConnectionNetwork

New window
Click to expand / contract

E2 nman ung 4mat sa loob:

Default access point: myGlobe Stream (E2 ung gnawa nting bgong connection).
Online time: Unlimited
Connection time-out: 120 secs.
Server time-out: 40 secs.
Lowest UDP port: 6970
Highest UDP port: 32000

Tapoz pnta ng Advanced settings..E2 ung 4mat:

GPRS bandwidth: 37.52 kbps
EGPRS bandwidth: 125.16 kbps
UMTS bandwidth: 268.80 kbps

New window
Click to expand / contract

Ayan tapoz na..Punta ka na sa Main page ng RealPlayer..At pindutin ang mga i2..OptionsDownloadVideo clips
Tapoz..OptionsBookmark managerAdd bookmark..E2 ung 4mat:
New window
Click to expand / contract

Name: GMA7
Address: rtsp:// pwede nyo palitan to
Access point: Default
User name:

New window
Click to expand / contract

Then save nyo na..Blangko lang ung username at password..Wag nyo ng pakialaman un..Ang pnakamahalaga jan ung address..


Guys kailangan mlakas ung 3G signal nyo para di sya magbuffering..Hehe..GMA7 lang pala ang pwde ngayon..Ayaw na kc ng ibang channel..Enjoy guys!

Eto ang resulta nyan: New window
Click to expand / contract

ROKTV po para sa mga walang 3g capability ung phone
for globe and smart
Para naman sa mga walang 3g na s60 download nyo ang roktv dito rokTV.sis]click me
New window
Click to expand / contract

Para naman sa mga roktv users eto ang mga working channels.
Cartoon Network


Solar Sports








National Geographic

Discovery Channel






Cinema One




Star Movies

Studio 23


Disney Channel


Hero Tv

by: looking4free (esato)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Smart Promo Unli Call 24Hours

Morange V ver.5.1.2 - All Networks

Morange is a FREE mobile internet service & community that enable you to stay in touch with your social networks on-the-go, view friend's update, shout outs and free live chat with them through MSN, googletalk and so on.

What's more, with Morange, you can also enjoy web access, emails with Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. We believed Morange will bring you everything from your computer to your mobile phone.

----------- x ------------
[+] Description:
Format: JAR
Size: 457kb
Network: All Networks

Direct download links, OM3.1, 4.2 and ucweb, download and installation ready:
[*] SMART with proxy port 80
[+] Download Now

[*] All Networks, No IP and Port
[+] Download Now

try nyo nlng muna, umuulan ulan, be prepared sa connection strength.

Open the MOrange app, kapag pipili kayo ng connection, select WAP.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Watch TV Free on you CP (GLOBE)

First download the Myglobe streaming settings:
go to myglobe homepage, scroll down to services, then download the myglobe streaming and myglobe Inet settings

this is what is important sa settings na yun
connection name:myGlobe Stream
access point name:

open your WEB browser set your defaulkt access point to MyGlobe INET or MyGlobe Internet. Exit the browser

Open your Real One or Real Player
Go to setting, set NO in proxy then set mo yung default access point as myGlobe Stream
Then go to main page ng player mo..dun sa downloads type mo ang rtsp://


You can also watch other channels by changing gma7.rm with ANC at ABSCBN or CNN. don't forget the .rm

manually set your streaming settings:
correct me if im wrong: no need for another application.settings lang basta gprs connection lang and yung built-in video player lang ng phone.try this:
go to (setting-connection-access point-new access pt-use default).(connection name=myGlobe Stream,data bearr=GPRS,access save mo.
tapos punta ka video player mo.common yung it then settings:punta ka sa network,palitan mo.( Stream,onlne time=unlimtd,max.bandwith=max,connction time out max.server time out=max)as it is yung natira.tapos balik ka sa realone creat k ng bookmark under video download ng realone.type the address(name,ABSCBN address:rtsp:// gma,palitan nyo lang yung ABSCBN to gma7.

credit to: Donni

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Unlimited Txting Kahit P1.00 or P2.00 Lang Load (SMART Only)

NOTE: Recommended ang 1php load. O kaya naman wag hihigit sa 2php, para di makaen.

Share ko lang to , pang smart and tnt, change nyo lang ung 0 sa # ng recipient nyo, gawin niy0ng 2948.

example. 09101234567
gawin nyong. 29489101234567

Dapat may load ka kahit piso. Freetext yan, di mababawasan load, fe3dback nalang kayo ah. Tried and tested,

Sa mga Globe jan, imbis na 2948 , 292 ung gamiten nyo, example 2929271234567

UPDATE KO LANG, AS OF NOW, MAY 30. 1:00pm, gumagana sa globe, delay lang ng 2mins, pero 1php load ko, nakakadameng text nako,

2948 lng ipapalet sa zer0,

Credit goes to:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Triple your Globe Prepaid Card

Here's How:

1. dial 223
2. dial again
3. confrence
4. input mo na ung call card number followed by the number sign
5. call ulit ng 223
6. input call card number followed by the number sign
7. add to conference
8. input mo na ung pin followed by the number sign

Mahirap gawin trick sa P100
Try P300 or P500

Enjoi :)

Monday, March 23, 2009



-211 (if can dial even without maintaining BAL of 7.50)
-2629 (can contact even zero load-but dont use your retailer sim to contact it, you wolud be routed to Autoloadmax hotline.)
2. PRESS 1 or 2


TYPE UNYT20 send to 2868

TYPE UNLITXT20 or 40 or 80 send to 2870
if you can add many receipients, then add 2868 ot 2870 ten times

like this:

5. SEND IT ALL WHILE THE VOICE PROMPT IS still discussing current promos. KUNG MEDYO MAY KABAGALAN KUMILOS, balikan nyo yung call then press nyo lang ulit 1 para ulitin nya ulit yung Voice Prompt.

REASON: Mas mabilis marerecieve yung confirmation massage kapag nakaOnline ka sa network.

6. AS USUAL MARAMI KANG MARERECEIVE NA "Natanggap na ang iyong request at kasalukuyang pinoprosesso"

other errorr prompts:


....OK NA UNYT NYO. wala na kayung matatanggap na "maari mo ng magamit.."

FOR UNLITXT, you will receive this:

BUT IF YOU RECEIVE THIS for unlitxt means hindi nyo magagawa itong trick na to sa number nyo at this time, try again the next day...

PREFERRED TO REGISTER 11pm. Although, madali gamitin itong trick na ito for UNYT but then for unlitxt, much better to do it 12am..when the network is busy na.

ANG MEDYO TRICKY LANG JAN IS, USUALLY makakatawag ka na from 11pm onwards, 30mins every call, even 1.00 lang airtime balance mo..but then, you would suddenly hear a voice prompt which says-"you do not have enough prepaid credit left in your account to make this call..."So aakalain nyo wala na kayung UNYT.. But Then the fact is, their system just noticed that wala kayung maintaining balance na 7.50... SOLUTION: Pashare-a-load kayo ng 7.00 to have 8.00 then MAKE A CALL...if nag-RING agad, ok pa UNYT nyo.. but then if you hear the voice prompt na-"your balance is below 20 pesos..."... malas mo... well then register ka nalang ulit...

I have tried it month ago na din po... & I saw na may nagpost na din ng trick sa UNYT, but then i just added up the unlitxt & i just made it clarified to everybody.

I have successfully made UNYT & UNLITXT80 to my old simcard but for my new sim, UNYT & SULIT lang ngawa ko.

Credit goes to:

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