Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free Access to Gmail on Sony Ericsson

To setup free Gmail access on your Sony Ericsson phone using the default email client, configure the following settings below:

> Go to Menu>Messaging>Email>Settings
> Select "New Account" then enter the Account Name (Example: Gmail)
> Select "Smart Internet" or "myGlobe INET" on the option labeled "Connect Using"
> Email address: (Complete Email Address)
> Connection type: POP3
> Incoming server:
> Username: (Complete Email Address)
> Password: (Gmail Password)
> Outgoing server:
> Advanced settings:
>> Encryption: SSL for both Incoming and Outgoing servers
>> Outgoing username: (Complete Email Address)
>> Outgoing password: (Gmail Password)
>> Incoming port: 995
>> Outgoing port: 465

Then after that, you need to install some certificates on your phone. Click the following link to download the certificates. (

NOTE: Mine works on both sending and receiving. Just in case it will not work on your phones, try to change the following settings:

> Incoming server:
> Outgoing server:
> Encryption for Outgoing server: TLS
> Outgoing port: 25 or 587
> You can also check the settings of your Internet profile or data account.

100% working on Sony Ericsson K800i using Smart Internet and myGlobe INET. Just make sure that you have at least one peso load for Smart but for Globe, it works even if you have zero load. Try it guys! Just post your replies if you have questions, corrections or comments. Thanks and have a nice day! :-)

By: Sir dennevhyn_31

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  1. Hi, my phone (W810i) says Server Not Found...